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Cute Outfits With Grey Leggings That Will Look Good on Anyone

Posted on by Marc Greenfeld

Check out how to create perfectly cute outfits with grey leggings in only a matter of minutes. One look at your closet after this and you will feel ten times more inspired.

Leggings in general can be such a tricky piece of clothing to style. Girls (and guys) usually associate leggings with workout wear or for just lounging around the house. But, there is so much more this simple piece of clothing. Leggings, and in this case grey leggings to be more precise, are a challenge to style for a night out or heading out to brunch with your girlfriends. Today, we will inspire you to make cute outfits with grey leggings for every occasion, from casual to dressy, in no time.

The key to making leggings socially acceptable without being judged is to wear something that is loose on top, preferably longer. So, in cases like these jackets are your savior. Or just general pieces of clothing that can be considered as outerwear. For example, pair your grey leggings with a basic white tee and add a denim shirt on top, and leave it unbuttoned. Accessorize with necklaces and chuck on some sneakers. Or, instead of a denim shirt maybe try a military jacket, or a parka – the options are endless. And just like that you have two cute outfits with grey leggings. Looking casual chic has never been easier!

Cute Outfits With Grey Leggings

Cute Outfits With Grey Leggings

Another version of the basic grey leggings are grey jogger pants, that are basically a thicker leggings with a draw string around the waist. You can pair these types of pants with basically any top, you can go full on sporty casual with a T-shirt, or with a button up to play up the sporty vibes that the pants give with some counterbalance.

Cute Outfits With Grey Leggings

Cute Outfits With Grey Leggings

With a basic like the grey leggings, and with the importance of longer outerwear in mind, the fun part is with accessorizing. Stuff like scarves, multiple necklaces, big earrings, lots of rings and hats are always welcomed, but of course not all at the same time. If you are choosing to wear a scarf, then wear some rings. If you are wearing multiple layered necklaces, finish off the look with a nice fedora hat. Accessories can make or break an outfit, so it’s important to have at least one piece of jewelry on you.

Cute Outfits With Grey Leggings

Cute Outfits With Grey Leggings

And just like that, breaking down the basic rules of how to get cute outfits with grey leggings couldn’t be any easier. Go out in the world with your comfortable leggings without blinking an eye, because you know that you look good.

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