Who would not like the luxury of having their own swimming pool in their back yard? You can lay down, have a couple of cocktails and go for a quick swim. In fact having a swimming pool in your backyard is a big investment and there are couple of stuff that go along with it.

Firstly, you will need to create the ideal temperature of the water at all time, and regulate the use of the chemicals that clean the swimming pool from bacteria and algae. While ensuring the hygiene of the pool is important, one thing in particular must be purchased to make the pool accessories complete – swimming pool heat pump. This is an accessory that is a must, avoiding things like cold water will prolong the time of usage of the pool

Things to Know Before Purchasing a Swimming Pool Heat Pump

If you do not own swimming pool heat pump, your swimming pool will be only viable for a few months, which is really bad if you compare it with the money you've already invested. The first thing to consider before buying a swimming pool heat pump is the size of the pool, because these pumps come in different sizes. They can hold starting from 30,000 litres up to 90,000 litres.

The heat pump is powered by electricity and moves the heat from one place in the pool to another, which makes it very cost-efficient than any other heaters. The movement of heat works as the same principle that fridges works, but of course in a reverse way. The fridge takes all the heat out of the box and transfers it to an area, while the heat pump collects all the cold from that air and sends it back as hot air. To make it more simply, the swimming pool heat pump transfers the heat from the outside air into the water in the swimming pool. If you use them at regularly bases at normal conditions, the swimming pool will be usable at least two or three months more depending on the location, climate and type of swimming pump. However, if you live in Australia, this can be extended by at least 3 months which will give you 9 months per year usage of the swimming pool.

On the other hand, if you live in a area that has a colder climate, then you should pick an electrical heater. Well, it is more expensive than the other one, but if you've built a swimming pool in the colder area, you've already made that bet. However, with recent upgrades they work with gas and propane, which make them more cost-effective than before.

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you choose the right swimming pool heat pump and make your swimming pool usable more than 6 months.

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