The most wonderful view of nature follows after a long and adventurous hike and the whole experience is even more thrilling when done at night. I know that many people try to avoid night hikes out of fear of the dark, but most commonly because they think it's too hard of a task to explore nature at night. Well, although night hikes are completely different from hiking during the day, they're not that difficult and not nearly as dangerous as some people believe. Conquering the realms of the natural kingdom at night can be a wonderful experience and provide a totally new perspective to the whole hiking activity. My friends and I were what you would call day-time hikers and we never went on the trail after sunset.

But, when we were caught up in the dark after one long hike we realized we were seriously missing out by avoiding night hikes. Even though we were on a familiar trail, everything seemed so new and different when nature decided to put on her night gown. Since then we try to go on a night hike at least once every month and the only period we rest and put hiking on hold is during winter when the weather can get pretty unpredictable and cold. I remember the time when we prepared for our first night hike like it was yesterday and the reason for my great memory is one funny incident that happened just before we were about to embark on out adventure in the wild. The plan was to hike across Mount Solitary on the Blue Mountains National Park and everyone came to my house because I was driving there.

Well, everything was going fine until two of my friends showed up at my house with their bags and when they saw my hiking torches it hit them- they didn't bring any source of light with them. We all started laughing and one of my friends even began making jokes that they maybe have some sort of 'super vision' that helps them see clearly in the dark. But all jokes aside, preparing for a night hike without looking for some quality torches for sale, is like walking barefoot on a rocky trail- completely unsafe and unpractical. However, this was our first hike after sunset, so in whole that fuss and excitement it was no surprise my friends had forgotten to take torches and flashlights with them.

Luckily, looking for the best torches for sale was first on my list of night hike essentials. I got three rechargeable LED touchers specifically designed for doing outdoor activities, such as hiking. LEDs are the best choice when it comes to outdoor lighting mainly because they're very durable and can withstand shock and impact. Furthermore, they produce long-lasting light and are made from recyclable materials, therefore are not harmful to the environment. I gave my friends my two spare torches and we were finally ready to embark on our hiking adventure.

Once it started to get dark, we turned on our torches, which proved to be the most useful mobility aid on a dark trail. We had so much fun exploring the wild and enjoying the dazzling beauty of the Blue Mountains. The moon was here creeping up behind the clouds and casting its magical moon dust upon us. The opportunity to gaze at this beauty and listen to the calming night sounds of nature are one of the main reasons why I love hiking after sunset.

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