The exhaust system of any vehicle is very important, because it guides bad gases into a safe direction, gives you more power to your engine and gives you the desired noise (whether a loud or quiet). One of the purposes of the exhaust system is reducing the pollutants that are let in the atmosphere. However, the exhaust system is made from very little parts, such as a manifold, catalytic converter and much more. When something bad happens you will need to buy exhaust system parts so you can repair a vehicle. Even though these parts can be very expensive, you should know where to find the parts with the most reasonable price.

Shopping for exhaust system parts online is easy because nearly all website have categorized their products and finding the item you want is simple and fast. The first thing you should do, know the right specifications of the exhaust system, what type of vehicle is and which part is broken. This is easily done by visiting a mechanic, where he will familiarize you with your automobile before you do any shopping online. Bellow, we will go through the basic parts of an exhaust system.

Exhaust System Parts – Which Are the Pivotal Ones

Exhaust Manifold Part

The first thing in the exhaust system is the Manifold. It is a crucial part of the system that is connected to the engine or to be more precise to the cylinder head. Its main function is to guide the air that is created from the combustion and later is combined with the exhaust air from every cylinder into one pipe. Nearly all exhaust manifolds are created with steel or cast iron, however, some third-party manufacturers add an extra spray of ceramic which will improve the durability, performance and the maintenance of the pipe.

Catalytic Converter Part

The next thing that is very important for the exhaust system is the catalytic converter part. This is the place where the exhaust system is getting rid off of the pollutants that are usually found in the polluted air. In many areas in Australia, not having a catalytic convert is against the law and you can be found dearly. This converter is made from a large box that is connected to the end of a cylinder. Furthermore, it is self-contained, nevertheless, there are a couple of hangers and clamps that hold it tighter.

Silencer Part

Lastly, the silencer part which is also known as a muffler is the last part of the system and the main function is to control the noise that is created by the motor and the exhaust system. This is the heaviest and biggest component of the exhaust system and generally is the most replaced (in some situations). Additionally, clamps are used to ensure that there is security on the underside of the vehicle.

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