Learn How to Use a Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator is a hand-held device capable of plotting graphs, solving simultaneous equations and performing other tasks with variables. It provides a far larger range of data and functional use than a traditional calculator.

The world's first graphing calculator, the fx-7000G, was produced by Casio in 1985.

Going from a pocket calculator to a graphing calculator can seem intimidating. But do not panic, as with our help you will easily learn all the functions of your new graphing calculator.


Turn It On and Off

You can easily turn on your graphing calculator by pressing the On button, and turn it off by holding down the 2nd key and pressing the On button at the same time.


Lighter/Darker Screen

Whether you need to lighten or darken the screen of the calculator, you can press the 2nd button while simultaneously pressing either the Up or Down arrow.


Multiple Functions

You can use multiple functions on the buttons. Press a button to use the function written on it, and then hold the 2nd key to use the function written above the button. Some graphing calculators have a third function that can be accessed by holding down the Alpha key while pressing the button.


Open the Menu

Press the button labeled Mode to access the menu of the graphing calculator. Then, using the arrow keys move the cursor, pressing Enter to change settings.


Type Equations

Type equations on the main screen the way they would look if you were writing them, and press Enter to display the answer. Follow the order of operations when entering equations. You can use parenthesis to break up the equation in the order each part should be solved. Operations inside parenthesis are the ones that are completed first.



You can erase unwanted items on the screen by simply pressing the Clear button.



Graph an equation by pressing Y=. Then type the equation and press the Graph button.


Adjust the Graph

Adjust the picture of the graph by hitting the Window button. Adjust the values of the x and y axes and the x and y minimum to show key aspects of the graph.


Another way to use graphing calculator is to use it for approximations. This is not a standard function of the calculator's operating system, but you can get approximate answers. This can be done by entering the equation and pressing the Enter key. The calculator will produce your answer.  

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